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I was sceptical about changing over to the Soprano XL. The pain was bearable with the previous laser I was using; I got use to it so never thought to change over. One patch test from Mel and that’s all it took to switch over. No pain, all you feel is a low heat, much more relaxing and less stressful than the previous laser I used. Mel’s professional and friendly approach keeps you calm and relaxed. The results are great, shaving in between treatments is less frequent, sometimes none. Best move I’ve made, thanks Mel.

Thanks MLB! My wife is pleased with the new hair free look! Definitely recommend your clinic. I am glad waxing is a thing of the past! Best Wishes.

I highly recommend Mel’s Laser Beauty. The prices were truly unbeatable for laser hair removal with the Soprano XL. The clinic was ideally located for me and Mel was very informative during my first consultation.

I have always been worried about the pain associated with laser hair removal. However this machine has totally changed my opinion. It really is pain free. I recommend it to all my friends and family. The results were great.  
Soprano XL is really pain free! I have had bad experiences with IPL hair removal, but this has been great for me with great results. All I felt is a warming sensation, I didn’t feel any burning or stinging as with the IPL machines.    

Melisa was fantastic. She was able to answer all my concerns and was a great technician. The clinic was very clean and comfortable. Highly recommended! No more stress of waxing!  

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